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How to schedule your appointments

People seeking orthodontic treatment often have important daily responsibilities, whether at work or in school. We see our patients every six weeks during active orthodontic treatment, and some of these appointments may impact the patient’s schedule at work or school.

We aim to work around your school and work commitments as much as possible. There will be enough time to provide the necessary treatment, therapeutic information, and answer any questions you may have at each appointment.

Here’s an overview of how we schedule appointments to accommodate your schedule:

  • We schedule longer appointments (such as banding and bonding and initial consultations) during school or work hours
  • We schedule shorter appointments (progress adjustments and checks) before and after school
  • Emergency repair appointments are also scheduled throughout the day, avoiding the after-school time slot

This way, we don’t devote an entire afternoon to one or two patients, but instead try to accommodate as many patients as possible for after-school appointments. If you prefer to be seen during a quieter time, please schedule an appointment during school/work hours.

 How to schedule your appointments

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You don’t need a referral to have an appointment with us. Here at Pymble Orthodontics, we offer two types of consultations - a free Invisalign® assessment and a full orthodontic consultation - so you can find out exactly how you can benefit from orthodontic treatment.

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