Conventional Ceramic Braces

A discreet alternative to metal brackets

Ceramic braces are a great alternative to traditional metal braces for patients who want their treatment to be as unnoticeable as possible, as they use clear or tooth-coloured brackets rather than metallic attachments.

Benefits of ceramic braces

Less visible: Ceramic braces are great if you’re considering braces and don’t want to feel self-conscious about wearing them.

Faster treatment time: In some cases, ceramic braces can move teeth more quickly than other treatment options, including aligners.

Great option for complex treatment: Other almost-invisible treatment options such as clear aligners are not suitable for severe orthodontic cases, such as misalignment or malocclusion (a crooked bite).

 Benefits of ceramic braces

Are ceramic braces suitable for me?

Ceramic braces are a great orthodontic treatment option if all of your adult teeth have come in and you’ve mostly stopped growing. This ensures the most efficient treatment time, and a lower chance of your brackets breaking due to the strain of tooth movement.

Ceramic braces are a great choice if you want your orthodontic treatment to be subtle. Because they’re usually tooth-colored or translucent, they’re less noticeable. This makes them ideal for straightening your teeth if you work a full-time job or attend college and don’t want to draw attention to them.

 Are ceramic braces suitable for me?

How do I find out more about ceramic braces?

If you'd like to understand more about conventional ceramic braces, our experienced team at Pymble Orthodontics can advise you on your treatment options and whether you’re a suitable candidate. Why not book a full orthodontic consultation today to find out more?

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 How do I find out more about ceramic braces?

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