Your first visit

We understand that stepping into an orthodontic practice for the first time can be a bit intimidating. Here at Pymble Orthodontics we work hard to provide a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our friendly reception team is waiting to greet you as soon as you arrive.

How will my first visit go?

We offer a comprehensive evaluation to every patient upon their first visit to our practice. We examine the teeth, jaws and gums, take measurements, and discuss the need for orthodontic treatment.

Diagnostic records may be taken, including digital photographs of the teeth and face and, if required, models of the teeth. If needed, we can also take special x-rays of the mouth and teeth right in our practice — we have the technology to do so!

 How will my first visit go?

What should I expect from my first visit?

Dr Foo will discuss treatment options with you based on the assessment, including:

  • Length of treatment time
  • When we recommend you begin treatment
  • What type of treatment is the most appropriate
  • Custom treatment costs
  • Flexible payment options

Please feel free to ask any questions you may have during your appointment. We are happy to answer any queries that you may have regarding treatment recommendations and pricing.

 What should I expect from my first visit?

Got more questions about your first visit?

Contact us so we can help you feel more at ease about your first visit to Pymble Orthodontics.

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You don’t need a referral to have an appointment with us. Here at Pymble Orthodontics, we offer two types of consultations - a free Invisalign® assessment and a full orthodontic consultation - so you can find out exactly how you can benefit from orthodontic treatment.

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